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Next Flipbook Maker for Mac and Next Flipbook Maker Pro for Mac provides 15-day free trial, Next Flipbook Maker for Windows and Next Flipbook Maker Pro for Windows provides 30-day free trial. Please download the trial version here: http://nextflipbook/download.html.

99 Basic/299 Pro is one time fee and you don’t need to pay every year. After purchase, you can also enjoy lifetime free update and technical support.

With our flipbook maker, you can publish offline flipbook in 4 formats(html, zip, app, exe)(free), publish WordPress Plugin(Joomla module, Drupal module)(free), upload flipbook to our hosting site (paid) or upload flipbook to your website with built-in FTP (free).

If you choose to upload flipbook to our hosting site, you need to pay 1 point/per flipbook. $1 per point. Purchase more, save more. You will get 5 free points after you purchase our flipbook maker.

Yes, our flipbook maker allows you to add password to protect your flipbook. Find Privacy Settings and set your password. You can set single password for all readers or one user/password for each reader. The password can be applied to all pages. Or you can leave first several pages public and add password to rest pages.

In this case, please try offline registration and send us the Request code, we will generate the Response code for you.

Each time you run the flipbook maker, there will be a pop up window asking you to “Continue” “BuyNow” or “EnterKey”, click “EnterKey”, copy and paste the license to relevant area.

We will send you emails every time we release the new version, please download the new version from:

There are no limitations on the number of pages and file size. Import and convert any PDF you want to flipbook.

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