HTML5 Brochure Maker

Convert PDF brochures to online and offline HTML 5 flipbooks with page flip effect quickly. Add multimedia elements to enrich HTML5 brochure contents and impress your readers. Upload HTML5 brochure to our Cloud Hosting, your website or share on social networks. Send offline HTML5 brochures via email and USB. Open HTML5 brochures on any desktop, tablets and mobile devices.

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Next FlipBook Maker is a wonderful HTML5 brochure maker to create and publish online & offline HTML5 brochures with realistic page turning effect and rich multimedia elements. HTML 5 brochures created by Next FlipBook Maker are available across any PC, Mac and mobile devices including iPhone , iPad and Android devices.

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HTML5 Brochure Maker

  • Available anytime, anywhere

    Convert static PDF brochure to digital HTML5 flipbook brochure to view on Mac, PC, iPad , iPhone and Android devices anytime and anywhere.

  • HTML5 brochure with rich-media

    Embed link, image, shape, button, chart, music, local videos, Youtube video, Vimeo videos and other elements. It helps to leave a deep impression of your HTML5 brochures to your readers.

  • Multi - Output

    Publish HTML5 brochures as local HTML, ZIP, EXE and APP. Simply create WordPress, Joomla and Drupal plugins. Upload HTML5 brochures to Nextflipbook Could or your own website.

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HTML5 Brochure Maker features

Flip PDF Brochures

Convert realistic PDF brochures to digital HTML5 brochures with page flip effect easily.

Responsive Design

Preview how your HTML5 brochure looks on multiple mobile devices before uploading it online and sending it to your readers.

Mobile Friendly Brochures

Enjoy HTML5 brochures on multiple mobile devices, like iPad, iPhone and Android devices without installing anything.

Brochure with Multimedia

Add YouTube videos, local videos, Vimeo videos, music, gif, links, shapes, button, numbers, images to attract readers.

Cloud Hosting

Upload HTML5 brochures to Nextflipbook Cloud. Store your HTML5 brochures on our Amazon S3 based Cloud hosting.

HTML5 Brochure SEO

HTML5 brochures content created by Next FlipBook Maker can be indexed simply by Google and other search engines.

Customizable Brochure

Customize unique template, theme and background for your HTML5 brochures quickly.

Brochure APP and EXE

Publish HTML5 brochure as APP for Mac and EXE for Windows.

Google Analytics

Input Google Analytics ID to collect statistics of your HTML5 brochures and know how your digital brochure is performing.

Background/Flip Sound

Add background music and page flip sound to your HTML5 brochures, readers can control the play while reading your brochures.

Bookmark, thumbnail

After importing the PDF brochure, original bookmark will be saved. Or you could create your own bookmark.

HTML5 Brochure with logo

Set up your own logo with url on the left top corner of your HTML5 brochure to impress your readers.

Social sharing

Add social sharing button to your digital page flip brochure. Readers are able to share it to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

PDF download/print

Enable PDF download and print options on your HTML5 brochure, readers could download and print the original PDF brochure.

Searchable content

With the help of search feature, readers can easily find keywords and sentences from multiple flip pages.

Brochure with password

Add password to protect all or partial pages of your flipbook brochure. You can add or delete password anytime with the Book Management.

Multilingual Brochure

Add multiple interface languages to your flipbook brochure for different language readers. It will impress you readers and bring conveniences for them.

Flipbook Plugin

Publish your flipbook brochure as WordPress plugin or Joomla/Drupal module. You are able to install and run them on your own websites.

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