What is Next FlipBook Maker Web Publishing Service?

Next FlipBook Maker uses Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for you to store and retrieve your online flipbooks.

upload flipbook to Amazon cloud

1. Extremely convenient

You can click the “Upload Online” button immediately after importing PDF to Next Flipbook Maker. A few minutes you will get the unique url of your flipbook on below window. You can also share flipbook to your Facebook, Twitter, etc. directly or get the embed code to embed flipbook to your webpage. The online flipbook can be viewed on any Mac, PC, iOS, Android and other mobile devices.

online digital flipbook

2. No website, FTP needed

Uploading flipbook to Amazon cloud with Next FlipBook Maker’s Upload Online feature is the best choice if you don’t have a website to host your flipbook.

3. Secure

Add password to control access to your flipbook.

4. Convenient flipbook management

With Next Flipbook Maker Book Management feature, you can easily manage all your online flipbook.

HTML5 flipbook management

Advantages of storing your flipbooks on Amazon cloud:

1. Space: You don’t need to worry about the disk space. The cloud space is unlimited.

2. Safety: Even if the cloud host disk is broken, files on the cloud are still safe.


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