How to publish flipbook as WordPress plugin and add to website?

Next Flipbook Maker allows you to publish flipbook as WordPress plugin and add to your WordPress website.

After importing PDF to Next Flipbook Maker and customizing your flipbook, click Publish Plugin button and choose WordPress Plugin. You can change the flipbook width and height.

Flipbook without toolbar is much better when you want to embed it to a small area. That’s why the Use Minime Style is checked by default. If you want to always show flipbook toolbars, uncheck this option.

flipbook minime style

Click Publish and you will get a zip file.

publish flipbook as WordPress plugin

Go to Plugins - Add New on your WordPress website:

add flipbook plugin

Click Upload Plugin.

upload flipbook plugin

Click Choose File to choose your zip file, and then click Install Now.

install flipbook plugin

After installation, click Activate Plugin:

activate flipbook plugin

Your flipbook plugin will appear in the left list. Click it and you will find the Shortcode:

flipbook shortcode

Copy and paste the Shortcode to your post and publish the post to view your flipbook.

add flipbook to WordPress post


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