How to publish offline flipbook as html, zip, app, exe?

With Next Flipbook Maker, you can easily convert PDF to html, zip, app and exe flipbooks for offline viewing. Please follow the steps listed below.

1. Download, install and run Next Flipbook Maker on your Mac or Windows.

2. Click Import button to import the PDF file you want to convert to flipbook. As seen below, you can import all pages of the PDF or custom page ranges. You can also check “Import bookmarks” and “Import links” options to preserve original PDF bookmarks and links.

convert pdf to flipbook

3. After importing, you can preview the default flipbook template and page flipping effect in the preview window.

4. If you are satisfy with the flipbook appearance, click Publish button to export offline flipbooks.

create offline flipbook

You can add title, keywords, and description to make your flipbook search engine friendly. Choose html as output format and you will get following:

pdf to flipbook

Click digitalcamera.html to view your flipbook.

If you want to upload the flipbook to your website, upload the whole nextflip folder to your website. When readers view your online flipbook on mobile devices, it will automatically direct to the mobile.html file.

Publish flipbook as zip if you want to send it via email. Or publish it as APP for Mac readers and EXE for Windows readers. (No Flash Player is needed if you view app or exe flipbook on your Mac/Windows.) Click Advanced button, you can add title, version number, identifier and set window size.

convert PDF to flipbook as Mac APP

convert PDF to flipbook as Windows EXE


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