How to manage flipbooks with Next Flipbook Maker?

If you upload flipbooks to Nextflipbook Cloud, you can access all your flipbooks via Book Management button on the Flipbook Maker interface. With Book Management, you can:

online flip book

1. Click share flipbook to facebook in Operation column to share flipbook to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc.

share flipbook to social network

Or copy the embed code to embed flipbook to your webpages.

embed flipbook to webpage

2. Click edit to edit flipbook title, description. Set flipbook public or private (add password to protect password.)

edit digital flipbook title

Or add tags to your flipbook.

add flipbook tag

3. Click block to block your flipbook:

hide online flipbook

If a flipbook is blocked, it can’t be viewed with browser. The browser will show “The Book is DISABLED”.

You can click the icon once again to enable the flipbook.

If you want to block multiple flipbooks simultaneously, check the flipbooks and click below button.

remove flipbooks

4. Click delete to remove flipbook from the online library or from current group the flipbook is in.

remove flipbook

How to remove multiple flipbooks simultaneously?

Select the flipbooks you want to remove and click below button, it will ask whether you want to remove the flipbooks from the online library or from current group, select the option you want.

remove flipbook from group

remove flipbook from group1

How to classify flipbooks into groups?

1. Click Book Management on Next Flipbook Maker interface.

2. Click flipbook group

3. Click Add Group button, enter group title and description, and then click OK.

add flipbook group

4. Select one or more flipbooks and click below button, there are two options available: add to existing groups or add to a new group.

add flipbook to group

How to quickly find the flipbook you want? Use the search feature.

search flipbooks


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