How to add flipbook title and description tags for Search Engine Optimization?

Your online flipbooks created with Next Flipbook Maker can be crawled and indexed by Search Engines. This is great news if you want to promote your flipbook.

Title and description are absolutely the most important for getting your flipbooks to rank in search engines. Next Flipbook Maker enables you to edit these tags before publishing offline flipbook and uploading flipbook online.

Title tag is what your flipbook visitor sees in their browser tab, and also what a search engine sees when it crawls your flipbook. It tells the search engines what your page is about.

Description tag is what shows up below the flipbook title in search engines. Descriptions should tell readers what they can expect to find on your flipbook and should include the flipbook keywords (in an organic way).

Publish offline flipbook:

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Upload flipbook to Nextflipbook Cloud:

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