How to publish flipbook as Joomla module and add to Joomla website?

With Next Flipbook Maker, you can easily publish flipbook as Joomla module and upload it to you Joomla website.

1. Import the PDF you want to convert to flipbook and choose template and scene, then click Publish Plugin and choose Joomla module.

publish flipbook as joomla module

2. Log into your Joomla account and click Extension Manager

joomla website

Choose your Joomla module and click Upload & Install.

install flipbook module

3. After installation, click Extensions > Module Manager, check the newly added module and click Edit.

edit flipbook module

Choose a position from the list or customize one. Set the Status as Published and click Save. Note: Joomla uses position to load a module, so it is important to set a unique position for the module.

flipbook position

4. Click Content > Article Manager > Add New Article, input the code {loadposition position-3}. Save the article and you will see the flipbook in your Joomla page.


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