How to change and customize flipbook template?

Next Flipbook Maker provides multiple pre-designed flipbook templates for you to choose. Flipbook templates contains toolbars and default background image. There are also detailed settings for you to customize the flipbook templates.

Double click the template thumbnails at the top right corner to apply it.

flipbook maker for Mac templates

flipbook maker for Windows templates

There are many customizable template settings under Setting tab. You can decides which buttons to show on the flipbook toolbar.

digital flipbook toolbar

add your company logo to flipbook, click the folder icon to locate your logo:

digital flipbook logo

add background music, click the folder icon to choose background music:

digital flipbook background sound

set zoom feature:

digital flipbook zoom feature

add multiple languages to the flipbook toolbar:

digital flipbook toolbar languages

auto flip flipbook:

digital flipbook auto flip

change toolbar icon color,

digital flipbook toolbar icon color

change flipbook page corner effect, toolbar color, set flip direction, flip time, hard cover, etc.

digital flipbook display settings

toolbar text color and font,

digital flipbook toolbar font

flipbook background color,

digital flipbook background color

flipbook background file,

digital flipbook background image

flipbook width and height,

digital flipbook size

flipbook minime style,

digital flipbook minime style

flipbook privacy settings, click the lock icon to add passwords:

digital flipbook privacy

flipbook control settings and Google Analytics.

digital flipbook with Google Analytics


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