How to batch convert multiple PDF documents to flipbooks?

Next Flipbook Maker Pro version’s Batch Converter feature enables you to convert multiple PDF documents to flipbooks in a quick and easy batch mode.

Download, install and run Next Flipbook Maker for Mac or Windows, click below Batch button to open Batch Converter.

flipbook batch converter

Click Add button to add PDF documents you want to convert to flipbook. You can as many PDF files as you want.

flipbook batch converter

Click Advanced button to configure the same settings for all output flipbooks.

digital flipbook settings

You can also click the four buttons in Setting column digital flipbook settings to customize each flipbook separately:

Import settings

import your PDF

Output settings

batch convert PDFs to flipbooks

Flipbook template

flipbook templates

Flipbook toolbar language

flipbook toolbar languages

At last, click Start button and you will get the flipbooks quickly.


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