How to hide flipbook toolbar and buttons?

I would like to be able to "clean up" the top and bottom navigation bars a little bit. There is way too much un-necessary stuff on there for me (search, switch language, thumbnails).

My primary question is how to, if possible, to remove the large left and right arrows and toolbars.

With Next Flipbook Maker, you can easily control which button to show on the flipbook toolbar. Just check or uncheck it under Setting tab.

flipbook toolbar settings

Next Flipbook Maker has Minime Style feature that allows you to hide toolbar from flipbook.

Check “Show Minime Style” you will see the flipbook toolbar disappears.

flipbook minimal style

The large left and right flip arrows still exists, to disable them, uncheck the Flip Button option. To hide logo, uncheck the Enable Logo Settings option.

hide flipbook logo


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